A Winning BlackJack Betting System – Does It Exist?

You can bet, pardon the pun, that ever since the first game of gambling was introduced there was someone there trying to turn the odds in his favour with a betting system. Unfortunately in our day and age the casinos and such have become increasingly good and eliminating the advantage these systems give to the user, but it seems that new systems are created almost daily but do betting systems really work?

Taking the game in question, blackjack, there are numerous betting tactics which if used properly in the right situations can make the player serious profits:
1. Martingale System – Probably the most famous of all the systems, any serious blackjack player or gambler will surely have heard of this one. Basically the martingale system involves the player doubling his bet every time he loses. For instance I may bet $5 every hand, if I win I bet another $5 so I keep winning $5 every hand. If I lose I then bet $10 and then $20 the bet keeps doubling until you win and $5 profit is guaranteed every hand.

2. Paroli System – This is essentially the opposite of the Martingale System and thought by some to be a better alternative as you are not chasing losses you are making the most of winning streaks. As you may have already figured out the Paroli Betting System involves doubling you bet every time you win and you can chose to stop when ever you feel your luck has ended!
Both these systems are very rudimentary and simple, many of the professional and high rolling players, including myself use more complex betting systems to further eliminate chance and house advantage.